your partner for all issues regarding OBD, CAN and GPS measuring devices as well as vibration measurements in the Automotive field.

The acquisition and evaluation of vehicle data is a key process for development of vehicles. DUETTO-Engineering offers sophisticated systems which provide reliable data for developing production cars, motorcycles and for motor sport applications as well. [ Read more ]

From our portfolio of signal routers and GPS receivers as well as uniaxial/triaxial accelerometers you may choose the components which covers your application best.

Additionally we provide high accurate servo accelerometers, servo inclinometers and load cells for industrial application.

We are happy to assist you for all upcoming questions and help you to solve your problem.

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Our strength is the deep technical background of such measuring chains as well as the versatility of the components in regard of interfacing and application. Besides performance we also turn high attention on consulting and service. This appears in offering demo systems for testing purposes as well as finding individual solutions where our clients can benefit in a longterm orientation.

Our experience of more than 25 years in sales and support of complex measuring technology in the Automotive field will help you to find the best measuring components for your application.