The acquisition and evaluation of vehicle data is a key process for development of vehicles. DUETTO-Engineering offers sophisticated systems which provide reliable data for developing production cars, motorcycles and for motor sport applications as well.

Road tests / interfaces / versatility

Vehicle speed data, RPM information and other parameters are usually being recorded during road tests in order to receive all data comparable and correlated as required. For flawless integration of all signals into the measuring chain, based on different formats, it is essential to consider interfaces, data processing and latency periods as well. Therefore our clients take advantage of the versatility of the provided interfaces.

These demands are made in the system development of production cars as well as on race vehicles.

DUETTO-Engineering offers a wide variety of components which can be included quickly in the measuring chain, both as signal converter for basic applications or as signal router for advanced measuring tasks. For last there are mainly memory and trigger functions in the front as well as the feature to record analog and digital data in combination with CAN messages and OBD2 signals in parallel for conversion into various data formats with data output.

Additionally the devices show their excellence in the stationary operation on test rigs in regard of response time for control functions. Here for usage in a roller dynamometer the test rig is being controlled by the analog interface of the OBD2 data from the vehicle. Besides that the interface is also available for acquisition of the gas emission data in the driving cycles of a car.

High precision speed measuring / versatile connectivity

The sophisticated and unique 100Hz GPS measuring devices and signal loggers offer a wide connectivity for all applications where a high accuracy of speed acquisition is necessary, like for driving performance measurements.

Here the GPS100Pro combines high precision speed measurement with various connections and interfaces with parallel data acquisition.

Many options like internal Triax and Gyro transducers complete the product range and enables the user also to configure his own full driving performance measuring system.

Individual vehicle interfaces based on OEM system developments

Based on the well established OBD>CAN converter OBD/CANID DUETTO-Engineering offers individual development services of interface access for controlling vehicle specific actuators. In combination with the multifunctional display system VarioVIEW7 it's possible to use individual graphical elements and numerical information to display vehicle variables and system responses. OEM system manufacturers in the vehicle industry esteem this option for realistic evaluation, presentation and benchmarking of their products.

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