The Company

DUETTO-Engineering is your valued partner for sophisticated measuring technology for Automotive applications. The focus is on compact signal converters and powerful signal routers as well as on high end GPS systems for various applications in the Automotive field. Since spring of 2017 our portfolio has been extended by uniaxial and triaxial accelerometers through an exclusive cooperation with the company Bay-SensorTec. These transducers are being used mainly in test for passive safety, crash tests and many more applications in the Automotive as well as general industrial field of research and development.

Our key philosophy is always to configure and deliver the best measuring technology for your individual requirement.

More than 25 years experience in the field of noise and vibration measuring tools as well as various measuring applications in the Automotive field make us your ideal partner to solve your challenging measuring problem.

Stefan Roman Müller, Engineer

Founder of Duetto-Engineering, formerly worked for automotive companies.


TBJ Dynamische Messtechnik

In cooperation with our partner TBJ Dynamische Messtechnik in Wolfratshausen we offer highly sophisticated OBD, CAN and GPS measuring systems for research and development in the Automotive area and for test rig and racing applications as well.

DUETTO-Engineering puts its focus more on International marketing and sales in combination with support of our global customers.

LTT Labortechnik Tasler

Data Acquistion Systems and Transient Recorder for highest requirements.

Bay SensorTec GmbH

Accelerometer for sophisticated requirements

Thed company Bay SensorTec GmbH has been founded in fall of 2016 and offers capacitive and piezoresistive accelerometers for highest demands. Founder Peter Bay works in developing of high-quality sensor elements since decades and has excellent connections to customers and applications.

STAC Elektronische Systeme GmbH

The STAC Gmbh offers high precision PC measuring boards, dynamic real-time analysers and sophisticated analyser software as well as solutions for special applications such as the EventScan Brake system for analysing of brake squeal noise.