EventScan systems are used for the localization of noise & vibration effects (NVH effects), which appear at rotating machinery under certain but previously unknown circumstances.

For example, power train systems may issue unwanted noise caused by resonances or other effects under special speed and/or load conditions, sometimes also affected by other parameters (like temperature etc.). In such a case, it is at first very important to evaluate all operating conditions, which cause the noise and vibration events (e.g. resonance effects).

EventScan will not only evaluate these operating conditions, it allows in addition the synchronous scanning of noise and vibration signals in realtime (up to 16 channels, bandwidth up to 20 kHz). Therefore, it is more easy to take remedial measures: the essential cause of the effect may directly be determined by a frequency analysis of the acquired time signals.

Another good example for the use of an EventScan system is brake noise, which appears for example as a function of (wheel) speed, brake pressure, (disk) temperature, ambient conditions etc. To solve brake noise problems, studies are made normally using a special brake dynamometer (noise test rig), where all relevant components are installed (brake, axle etc.).